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 About Us

Forest Park Christian Early Learning Center was founded in August 1981 as a ministry of North Church of Christ in Christian Union and has been faithfully serving the educational needs of our community's children. 
As a Child Care Facility, licensed by the State of Ohio, our primary responsibility is to provide an environment that is clean, healthy, and protective.  It, too, must provide an academically positive experience.
Each child must be provided the tools by which he can construct a successful and happy transition to formal education, beginning in the Toddler year at
Forest Park Christian Early Learning Center.
Beyond the formal educational processes, we strive to assist in the child's social, emotional, and spiritual development.
Of primary importance is the development of the child's positive self-concept.  Educationally, we are committed to developing skills that are known to be prerequisite to reading mastery and math and science comprehension. Student/teacher ratios will meet all State law requirements.  This enables your child to receive the individual attention that he/she so deserves.  Providing an environment that helps promote natural curiosity will cause the learning to be both positive and enjoyable.
Daily lesson plans will provide a continuity of learning throughout the school year.  These plans include short and long range goals.
The daily program will provide constructive experiences for the children through physical activity, creative play, music, stories, art, and nature.  During these activities the children will have the opportunity to establish relationships with adults outside the family.
Forest Park Christian Early Learning Center, Inc. is designed as a Christian ministry for the purpose of providing wholesome training and personal supervision with a Christian emphasis.  As a church and school board we are committed to excellence in every area of this ministry.  It is our hope that you, as a parent, family member, or guardian will find our program and facilities above reproach.
1. The Child Care Center is to share religious and other cultural values with children through stories, songs, simple prayers, and principles of sharing.  The atmosphere must be distinctly Christian, where the Bible is taught, but must remain non-denominational.  It can be a ministry where Christians have contact with both the child and the parents.
2. The Child Care Center is to provide guidance that will enable each child to adjust to his/her peers and adults other than his/her parents.
3. The Child Care Center is to provide care and love for children away from their parents, emphasizing the safety and well being of the child.
4.  The Child Care Center is to assist in the development of simple skills and special aptitudes of the child.
5.  The Child Care Center is to acquaint the child with maintaining and following a routine.
6.  The Child Care Center is a good stewardship use of the educational space of the church structure.
The Center has for each toddler, preschool child, and school age child for whom the Center is licensed with at least, 35 square feet of indoor floor space wall-to-wall regularly available for day care operation.
The Center has, on-the-site or easily and safely accessible, a safe outdoor play space which is enclosed by a fence or otherwise protected from traffic or other hazards and contains not less than 60 square feet per preschool and school age child using such place at any one time.
The Center provides each day for both quiet and active play suitable to the age levels and abilities of the children under care, and makes available to the children play materials and equipment for this purpose.
For nap time there are individual, firm, and sanitary cots provided for each preschool child and no child is permitted to sleep on the floor.  Furniture, materials, and equipment are safe and sanitary.
The administrator and every employee of the day care must have a statement signed by a licensed physician, not more than 30 days prior to employment, and it will be kept on file at the Center.  This medical statement must be renewed every three years.  Each child attending the Center has to be examined by a licensed physician within 30 days of the time of admission and annually thereafter, and a medical statement signed by the doctor must be kept on file at the Center.  The Center has a least two responsible adults on the premises at all times when 7 or more children are in the Center.  The children are organized in small groups and childcare staff is provided to give continuous care and supervision to the children on a daily basis.  The maximum group size and the maximum number of children per staff member, by age of children is as follows:
Group Age                      Maximum Teacher/Child                        Maximum Group Size
30 months to 3 years                            1:8                                       2:16
3 years                                               1:12                                      2:24
4years to 5 years                                 1:14                                      2:28
5 years and older                                 1:18                                      2:36
"Forest Park Christian Early Learning Center recruits and admits students of any race, religion, sex, color, or ethnic origin to all the privileges, programs, and activities.  In addition, the center will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin in the
administration of it's educational policies and educational programs.  The Forest
Park Christian Early Learning Center will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or          ethnic origin in the hiring of it's certified or non-certified personnel."

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