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Forest Park Christian School
Fees and Tuition
Registration Fee: $50 child / $75 family
Annual Supply Fee: $30.00 per Preschool or Pre-K family (Due: September 1)
Annual Transportation Fee: $30.00 per School Age family (Due: September 1)
Daily Rate: $47.00

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Tuition Weekly Rate
Full Day Preschool 6:30am-6:00pm $178
(Ages 2½ to 4)
Full Day Pre-Kindergarten 6:30am-6:00pm $178
(Ages 4 to 5)
Part Time 3 days/week $128
Preschool or                   Pre-Kindergarten 6:30am-6:00pm
School Age Care Tuition Weekly Rate
 Kindergarten - age 12
Before OR After             school care 6:30-9:00am $69
Before AND After          school care Both times $99
School Holidays/Closings 6:30am to 6:00pm $47 per day                                    ($27 per day if before and/or after school has been paid for that day)
Christmas/Spring Break 6:30am to 6:00pm 3 days - $135                                       4 days - $150                                       5 days - $160

Multi-child: 20% discount for second child enrolled; 25% discount for each additional child
North Church members: 10% discount; 5% discount for regular North Church attendees.
Church discount is subject to a giving record check by North Church treasurer. (Rev. 3/11)
5% discount if the full year’s tuition is paid by first payment due date.





1)     Tuition payments and copays are due on Monday for the current week or in advance.

2)     Before a child is officially enrolled, the application fee must be paid at the time of registration.

3)     SHORT WEEKS: Full tuition is due for the weeks in which FPCS is closed for the holidays and teacher workdays. A complete list of days that FPCS is closed will be issued in August. Full tuition is also due for the weeks when early closings occur. Regular tuition is also required if and when FPCS must close early or for an entire day, due to inclement weather conditions.

4)     The full week's tuition is due whether your child is here all five days or not, unless you have a regular part time schedule and/or make prior arrangements with the administrator.

5)     If a child is absent from FPCS for a complete, full calendar week, you may pay a reduced rate of 50% of your regular childcare rate. This option may be used up to two times each school year. The school year begins the fourth Tuesday in August. Full tuition is due for all weeks in excess of the two reduced rate weeks mentioned above. Kindergarten tuition is not included in the vacation week policy.

6)     Full tuition will be due for up to two calamity days per year. Calamity days include, but are not limited to, utility outages, staff illness, etc. Weather related closures are NOT considered calamity days and are addressed above in section three. Tuition will be adjusted for any calamity days after the first two.

7)     Parents can pay tuition over the phone or at the school office using a debit or credit card. The School accepts Visa, Master Card debit or credit cards, American Express, and Discover. An administrative fee of 3% will be assessed on all credit card transactions.

8)     All payments must be paid to and recorded by the administrator or assistant administrator. Payments made by check or money order may be left in the tuition payment box in the school office. Parents will get a receipt for all cash payments. Cash payments may be placed in a completed payment envelope and left in the lock box.

9)     A $25.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks, and after we have received one check back from the bank, we ask that you pay all further tuition with cash, cashier’s check or money order.

10) Parents who participate in Title XX will be responsible to pay the difference between the hourly rate that FPCS is paid and the part time rate if their child (who is enrolled part time) attends less than seven hours in a week and absences cannot be used to make up missed time.

11)  A late fee will be charged for any tuition / copay that is not paid by Friday of the week of service. The late fee is $15. The late fee for Title XX participants is 10% of weekly copay or $3, whichever is greater.



I agree to support and abide by the Forest Park Christian School tuition, late payment, and late pickup policies. I agree to make payment for my child’s care a priority in my family budget and will strive to pay on time. I understand that failure to pay tuition / copays in accordance with school policies will result in late fees and/or withdrawal.


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Weekly tuition / copay is due every Monday.

  1. If no payment by Friday = late fee and statement issued
  2.  If no payment by next Friday = late fee and statement issued
  3.  If no payment for 15 business days = late fee and…

·    Notice of Withdrawal issued

·        Repayment plan issued by Administrator

          4.    If no payment for 20 business days = Child withdrawn

·        Child cannot return until full balance and registration fee are paid


Excessive Late Payment Disclaimer:

Parents must make satisfactory arrangements with the administrator and begin to pay the past due amount within ten days of being notified of excessive past due tuition. If a parent’s fees are delinquent more than two weeks Forest Park Christian School has the right to forward documents to O.D.J.F.S. which will terminate the parent’s child care subsidy. If this occurs, parents will be ineligible for all child care assistance within the state of Ohio until the entire amount due is paid in full.

           FPCS will only release records to the parents or other entities when all applicable tuition and fee           are paid.



1.      A late pick-up fee of $10.00 per family for each 15 minutes (or portion thereof) will be charged after 6:00pm. 

2.      Late pick-up fees are due at time of late pick-up or must be paid prior to the child(ren)’s returning to school.

3.      One hour after closing, Franklin County Children Services will be called to take custody of children not picked up.

4.      The late pick-up fee may be waived at the administrator’s discretion if the following conditions are met:

a)      The parent calls FPCS before 6:00pm to notify of the late pick-up.

         b)     The reason for the late pick up is weather or traffic related.

         c)      The weather or traffic conditions can be verified by an independent source.


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